For Founders

What we do

Kaas funds existing businesses or starts companies from scratch based on an idea. In all cases we always partner with exceptional founders to build and grow companies. Every venture we back aims to become a category winner by 10X-ing people's lives.

  • We act as co-founders; we join early with capital, know-how and network to scale businesses from 0 to 1, and beyond.
  • We help launch businesses and build strong foundations for follow-on investments.
  • We invest in businesses and leave founders to do their thing.

Work with us

Raising from Kaas is easy. We accept pitch decks, or open emails, from founders that want to partner. We typically come back with a first appraisal within a few days.

Curious to learn more?

Contact us at and tell us what you're looking for.

For Investors

How it works

Kaas identifies and conducts research on hundreds of emerging startups across the European tech sector. We get deal flow because of deep roots in the tech space - both B2C and B2B - and the startup ecosystem, as well as a broad partner network of Venture Capital firms, accelerators, advisors and founders' network.

Get access to qualified early-stage startup opportunities alongside a growing network of angel investors; executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities and strategics with a breath of experience across all stages of building businesses.

Want to join in?

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